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We have been praying since late 2019 that God would open the door to a new ministry facility for us. Our vision has always been that every place that God allows us to serve would have consistent access to the gospel. In order to see that vision become a reality, we believed that we needed a place that we could call "home." Our hope was that God would provide a place that would allow us to plant churches, train leaders, host mission teams, host events, prepare for ministry endeavors, study, plan, etc. and that God would give us this place before the beginning of 2021. As of mid- December, every place we pursued fell through, was too expensive, or just became unavailable for one reason or another. Now we know why!

Before we even began praying, God already had a plan in place. There was a local church, here in the Casa Grande area, that sensed their time as a local body was coming to an end. They had faithfully served the Lord in the community for more than 60 years. They began to pray that God would allow them to pass their facilities along to someone who would use it for His glory. 

On December 15th, in a conversation with our associational director of missions,  he asked if we were still looking for a place to meet... and the rest, as they say, is history! The process began and ended in less than a week!

God is amazing! We are so thankful for this opportunity to continue the work of the Lord in and through this facility. We are overwhelmed at the support and partnership of the Gila Valley Baptist Association, the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention, and everyone who was involved in this transition. We are thankful to have local brothers and sisters who work together to make the name of Jesus known throughout the area and beyond! 

Thank you all for praying, supporting, and dreaming with us! You all are amazing!

If you would like to see the facility or want to know ways that you can be involved, click the link below.

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