There are 2 ways to help with Christmas in the Villages:

1. Child Sponsorship- If you choose to help in this way, you will be committing to buy presents for a specific child (or children). This year, each child will receive 3 presents. One present will be a clothing item that the child needs. The other two presents will be "fun" things that you can choose based off what they tell us their interests are. We will send you all the details. 

To sponsor a child, email us (liveloveaz@gmail.com), message us on Facebook or Instagram, or call/text. 

All presents must be delivered to us by December 11, 2020. (Please don't wait to mail them. We need at least a week to sort through everything.)

2. Christmas Party- The second way to help is buying presents for our Christmas parties. If you prefer, we have an Amazon wish list (linked below) that you can order from, and items will be shipped directly to us. You are also able to purchase any toy of your choosing from any store and have it shipped/delivered to us. Or if you prefer to donate money and let us do the shopping, you can do that too. We have our PayPal and Venmo linked to donate. 

We also need these toys/items delivered to us by December 11, 2020

Please feel free to share this with family, friends, church, small group, etc. We have approximately 500 children that we will be providing presents for!! 

Thank you so much for showing the love of Jesus to children this Christmas! 

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